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At one with the garden

Bring the outdoors inside

Whether creating a relaxing space in which to read, paint, or chill out, or a feature dining room, an orangery or conservatory is the perfect addition to your home.

Even when the weather is bad, which is quite often in England, you can still enjoy your garden from the warmth and comfort of your beautiful new room.

Modern glazing technology allows for maximum glass with minimum heat loss, whilst providing excellent sound insulation. We even have self-cleaning glass options!

What’s the difference?

The terms Orangery and Conservatory were coined by the wealthy elite somewhere between the 17th and 19th centuries. Generally speaking, Orangeries housed fruit trees, and conservatories housed shrubs and herbs.

Conservatories generally act as a complete extension of the house, sharing the same or similar design features of the house. Orangeries are usually different to the interior of the house, traditionally involving lots of brickwork, large windows and a glass roof.

To summarise, Conservatories use minimal brickwork and are more about viewing the garden from a room that feels like a part the house, whereas Orangeries have more brickwork and are larger – considered by some as private spaces with an emphasis on luxury.

Orangery options
  • uPVC finishes of your choice
  • Timber stained finishes of your choice
  • Timber painted finished of your choice
  • Aluminium
  • Natural stone
  • Design blends in with the existing property and surrounding area
  • Double-lantern roof
  • Bi-folding doors
  • Self cleaning windows
  • Pedestrian-friendly roofs
  • Argon gas filled units

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