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Net Zero New Builds

Better for our planet, perfect for you

New builds have been appearing nationwide at an increasing pace over the past decade. To contribute to environmental sustainability, we must maintain clean air, reduce CO2 emissions, and minimise global warming.

We achieve this using modern building methods including advanced insulation, renewable energy through solar or wind rather that fossil fuels, more efficient energy comsumption and recycling water.

Our Net Zero New Build Services

What is ICF?

Building with an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) ensures that new builds are constructed with energy efficiency in mind, offering superior insulation comapred to traditional housing insulation such as fiberglass, EPS or foam boards.

In addition to making the house more energy efficient, ICF homes also greatly benefit the sound insulation, durability, fire resistance and indoor air quality. Being resistant to weather conditions, rotting, pests and fire are all long term money savers when it comes to maintaining the structure of a house to ensure it follows guildines.

However, ICF construction can lead to higher material cost resulting in a higher initial investment to the build. This factor is mostly negated, however, by the no VAT policy on UK new builds.

The service includes
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)
  • Renewable Energy (Solar and wind)
  • Water recycling
  • Airtightness
  • LED lighting
  • Triple Glazing
  • Natural light
  • Smart thermostats and energy meters

Gas Boilers

The high emissions from most UK homes are due to a combination of gas central heating and poor insulation. According to the latest census, more than 70% of all houses in the UK use gas heating, accounting for close to 40% of all natural gas use in the UK.

As technology has advanced, the use of electric boilers, hydrogen boilers and solar thermal panels have been seen popping up throughout new build homes across Britain. Electric boilers can be much more efficient and envronmentally friendly when compared to gas boilers, achieving efficiency rates higher than 95%. All modern boilers require electricity, but an electric boiler turns the electricity into heat rahter than burning fossil fuels.

In the future, The UK Government wants to phase out the use of all gas boilers in favour of their eco-friendly counterpart, the hydrogen boiler. The biggest advantage of this is that hydrogen emits zero carbon emissions when used and the methods of producing the hydrogen are significantly more carbon efficient compared to natural gas.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Optimising the natural light and ventilation can be one of the biggest thinsg to consider when planning eco-friendly new builds. Making the most of natural light and ventilation results in healthier air and a more efficient indoor environment.

For example, in the summer in the UK, we are experiencing higher and higher temperatures in recent years, even reaching record breaking 40°C+ during summer 2022. These hot summers are resulting in a higher demand for air conditioning. With the increase in AC demand across the country, comes the risk of increasing the country’s carbon footprint.

With proper light and ventilation systems coming standard in Zero Net New Builds, this aims to help reduce the demand for air conditioning by providing a natural way of cooling homes.

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